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Dryburgh Footbridge Reopened

After a period of just over 6 weeks the footbridge across the River Tweed at Dryburgh has been reopened and Borders Abbeys Way walkers will again get access to Dryburgh Abbey without a length diversion.

dryburgh bridge

This has resulted in a completely new decking on the bridge with and anti-slip surface and new signage has been provided.

Alternative route into Abbotsford

As part of the footpath improvements being carried out within the Abbotsford Estate there has been a new optional route for the Borders Abbeys Way as it descends towards Abbotsford when walking from Cauldshiels loch towards Melrose.
Finger post
This is a very short route option but it takes the route off the roadway and opens up slightly more of the beautiful and interesting abbotsford house and estate. The downloadable route directions for the Borders Abbeys Way as detailed below now shows this recently introduced route option.
The pictures below show the markers at either side of the Way as it crosses the B6360.

Access to the Way has just improved - 2016

On the 6th September 15 the access to the Borders Abbeys Way and indeed also the St Cuthbert's Way was improved for those who want to arrive without using the car. The Borders Railway opened and this provides a link from Edinburgh directly to Tweedbank on what is a twice hourly service. The Borders Abbeys Way is no more than 500 yards/metre away from the Tweedbank station where the line ends and is close to nearby Melrose, one of the popular start and end points for this circular walk.
Border Rail
Walking Support who offer the only complete walking route baggage transfer service are now able to offer a first collection and end drop off service at the station, thereby allowing walkers the opportunity to travel directly in the morning and start the first days walk from the Way adjacent to the station.
Walking Support are also able to provide a complete package for walkers that includes accommodation and luggage transfer, this station starting point offering a new variety of package options which may help to balance out the walking distances.
For details on Walking Support's Border Abbeys Way packages click on this link.
For information on the train timetable click on this link.

New Look Website

July 2015 sees this popular walking route website revised for a third time. We have revised the navigation so that the button titles are clearer and updated some of the content to bring more knowledge and information to the prospective walker. This website is the only complete route website that provides detail on all of the way and offers the walker information and interest when planning and booking a walking trip on this route.

The revised website still has all the content of its predecessors and has also hopefully updated links and information that has changed over the years. As webmasters for this portal website we are always happy to receive your comments, corrections and views on the website and you can do this by acccessing our on-line Website Quetionnaire.

Marie Curie 10K Daffodil Walk - 7th April 2013

For the second year running there is going to be a 10K charity walk added to the annual Melrose "Field of Hope" event. This 10k event starts form the Borders General Hospital and quickly picks up a section of the Borders Abbeys Way. It then continues on the Way until it reaches Melrose and then concludes by coming along the Daffodil "Field of Hope" path back to the Borders General Hospital.

Registration to take part in this event can be done by following this link.

Charity Challenge

The Webmaster is delighted to hear and support the following charity walk on a part of the Borders Abbeys Way and wish Arthritis Research UK every success.

"A first for the Borders!
"Now is your time to help to find a cure. Please walk with us on 4th June. The first time a national sponsored event, for Arthritis Research UK, has arrived in the Borders � so it is up to YOU to make sure that it is a resounding success and, at the same time, help raise some much needed cash to support all the research that is currently taking place."


"John Raine, Chair of NHS Borders said :
"The first Arthritis Research UK sponsored walk along the Borders Abbey Way is not only a great way to enjoy some stunning Borders scenery but is an opportunity to raise funds towards vital research into a disease that affects many people within the Borders. Walking is also a great way improve your health and to socialise, so I�d encourage people to pull on their walking shoes and get involved in supporting this event.�

Get your sponsorship forms all filled up and join the walk along The Borders Abbey Way from Selkirk to Melrose (a distance of only 10 miles!) starting at 10 a.m. and ending with a welcome cuppa at Melrose Rugby Club.

Arthritis Research UK funds research into the many forms of arthritis, a cruel disease which affects both old and young alike. Many fantastic developments have been made, but with over 10 million people, including children, affected by arthritis, more needs to be done.

Places for this guided walk are limited so for more information and forms please contact Marion Reed on 07736 157803 or email [email protected]

Route Directions

This complete route has been waymarked and should be easy to follow. We do however recommend that those walking do so with the correct set of Ordnance Survey maps. To assist the walker Walking Support / I-Net Support (webmasters) have prepared a comprehensive directional document detailing all the junctions where decisions have to be made on how to proceed. This directional instruction has a nominal charge of �3.99. It can be sent to you by e-mail attachment and is in the form of a Word Document in table format. All the key junction points are identified by grid reference number and instuctions of what to do at all points given.

Simply click on the Buy Now button and once on line payment has been confirmed Walking Support will send you an e-mail with the Grid Reference Table attached.

Promotional Leaflets

With the partial support of the Jedburgh Tourism Forum (now re-named Jedburgh Events Forum) we have been able to design and print a leaflet that relates to the complete circular walk and this website. The detail is a mix of a map, several photographs from the route and limited text on the general outline of the walk. This is a leaflet that is being circulated widely and which we are using to attract the interest of potential walkers to the area.

For anyone wanting to receive a copy for themselves or a friend, simply send us an e-mail stating your name and postal address and we will be pleased to forward you the copies you request.
If you are an accommodation provider on the route and would like to have a stock of the leaflets please contact and tell us how many leaflet you require.

Walk Lealfet

Completion Certificates

Our associate business, Walking Support, will be pleased to provide a personalised completion certificate to all walkers who register and then complete the circular route. There is a nominal charge of �5 for this momentum which is required to cover postage and printing costs.
To qualify for this certificate the entire walk needs to be done in a continuous series of days. Then simply send us an e-mail detailing your name and postal address, dates for the walk with information on accommodation providers used and your �5 remittance. Cheques are to SCSupport ltd and posted to Walking Support, 2 Wembley Terrace, Melrose, TD6 9QR.


If you are using Walking Support to book your accommodation or for baggage transfer there is no need for the dates or accommodation details, simply your name and address.

Once we have this information we will post out the certificate/s to your home address. During the height of the season this may take several weeks to arrive.

Dunion Hill Wind Farm

The refusal of the planning application for this windfarm has been upheld by the Public Enquiry held before the Reporter in Jedburgh Town Hall in early 2009. This means that the images shown below will never happen, the Dunion hill will remain free of wind turbines.

The proximity of the Borders Abbey Way to the proposed turbines did have a part to play in the Reporters overall conclusions and decision and the use of data from this websites questionnaire to walkers was very useful.

Although this wind farm has been stopped, walkers on other routes in the Scottish Borders and across Scotland are likely to encounter many more locations where windfarms may be directly built on the line of the walking route or very close by. If such proposals are to be fairly assessed by the planning procedures we would still encourage outdoor enthusiasts to spend some time in responding to our still open wind farm survey. The more data we have, be it for or against these renewable sources, the better we can respond to the applications with quantitative data. To respond use the link on the Walking Support website where we have a questionnaire on this subject.

Finally you may want to link to the Dunion Hill Conservation website that has much more information on the outcome of the Dunion Hill Wind farm application and recent Public Enquiry.

Dunion Hill from Bedrule as it might have been
Dunion Hill from Rubers Law as it might have been

Dunion Hill from Bedrule as it might have been

Dunion Hill from Rubers Law as it might have been


Watch this space for information on forthcoming photographic competitions etc.

Walkers' News Items

The following comments were received and we have concluded that they are worth repeating as they are the views of a totally independent person who has had no prior connection with the walk of the area.

To whom it may concern,
I have recently completed the Borders Abbey Way walk, over five days, and would like to pass on some comments.
I have completed both of your on-line surveys, but feel that some more needs to be said.
I usually have a walking holiday once a year and have walked in all sorts of regions of the British isles, but this was the first in the Scottish Borders country. This walk is one of the better ones, for ease of route, scenery and people.
Thoroughly enjoyable. The waymarking is excellent. Better than a walk I did a couple of years ago in Cumbria and Yorkshire, which was only signposted if you were walking north. When walking south, as we did, there were very few direction markers on stiles etc. Not so on the BAW. Well done.
The scenery is top notch, wonderful. The actual route is first class in terms of variety. I would say that no two days are the same.
Once again, an excellent walk, and one that I will be recommending to every one.

Rob Jones

This section is under constant development and should additionally be seen as an area where the website visitor can input. If you have any relevant news about the route, walking plans and experiences etc. use the link and send us your copy. The editor reserves the right to either publish (in full or edited) or to withhold posting of submitted material on the web.



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