This is a circular walk in the heart of the Scottish Borders, full of attractive countryside passing by four 12th Century Abbeys and through several Border Towns.

"The scenery is top notch, wonderful. The actual route is first class in terms of variety. I would say that no two days are the same."

The Way is 64.5 miles / 103 km in length (as measured by Walking Support) and is divided into five sections of roughly equal distances. This can be undertaken in either a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction starting and finishing at any of the Border towns..

Kelso to Jedburgh

Jedburgh to Hawick

Hawick to Selkirk

Selkirk to Melrose

Melrose to Kelso

The above map can be printed off as a PDF file by clicking on the image. This map can be used by individuals but is protected under © Copyright against use in other publications or websites without the express permission of I-Net Support. (© 2009)

On this website all the information runs as if the walk was started at Kelso and undertaken in a clockwise direction. This is not in any sense a preferred sequence, walkers should select a start point that best suits their travelling needs and their preferences in terms of starting and end day distances.

Now access the "Abbeys Walk" button to get fuller details on all sections of the route.

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